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Welcome to our A1 Course!

This A1 course consists of 19 chapters. Each chapter is structured in the same way. First, there is always some information about one grammar topic, in our first chapter we will discuss German nouns and verbs. This is followed by useful vocabulary, sufficient exercises and an exciting learning game.

A1 Course

Adverbs of Frequency

Adverbs are words that describe certain parts of a sentence, such as verbs or adjectives, in more detail. Sounds fancy and complicated, but it's really not. For example when we say, "Tom never drinks milk", never is an adverb since it gives more information about the action. German adverbs are not very different from English adverbs, only their location within a sentence might be new to you.


Grammar is not our main focus, yet grammar knowledge is like a toolbox, where each grammar rule is a new tool that can help you solve a problem.


Within each chapter there is also a vocabulary unit on a specific topic, such as "Food & Drinks" here. The first vocabulary set consists only of important words, followed by a set of useful phrases.


Use the exercises to apply and practice both the grammar and the new words from this chapter.

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